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Hello! My name is Melissa Krieger, I'm a full time yoga teacher based in Victoria, BC. Check out my site for information about my weekly classes in-person at Oak Bay Recreation and my live-streamed Zoom classes. And don't forget to check out all my free yoga videos, I've got some of my favorites posted at the bottom of this page.
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Contact me any time at or find me on social media through the links down below. I would love to hear from you!
What's New
What's New

What's New

Registration for classes May through August at Oak Bay begins on Thursday, April 1st. See the schedule page for all your options!
Wednesday March 17
Yoga Videos
Yoga Videos

Featured Yoga Videos

Deep Hip Opening Flow 64 min
Flow - Moderate to Vigorous
This class is a strong flow with a focus on opening up the hips. This full length class will start slow and then you'll begin to move more quickly. Expect a focus on your glutes (your backside), hamstrings and IT band. It's intense but worth it for how good you'll feel after!
Hatha Yoga for Beginners: A Healthy Spine 23 min
Hatha - Gentle to Moderate
Most of us spent too much time in spinal flexion (folding forward and rounding the spine and shoulders) This is a short class to help move your spine by twisting, side stretching and extending or backbending - providing balance from all the flexion and giving your spine a healthy break.
Oceanside Restorative Yoga 55 min
Restorative - Gentle
Give your yourself the gift of restorative yoga. This super slow practice will leave you feeling nourished and grounded.
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