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Melissa Krieger
Melissa Krieger is a friendly, down-to-earth yoga instructor and personal trainer based in Victoria, BC. She has worked in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. She earned her certification as a Personal Trainer in 2000 and as a yoga instructor in 2005. Melissa loves teaching and has taught over 10000 hours of yoga instruction. She teaches yoga classes through Recreation Oak Bay, MokSana Yoga Center and on her own through her company Bloom Yoga.

She is passionate about helping her students minimize stress, practice self care and live happier, healthier lives.

Recognized by her Peers

Melissa was nominated for BC Recreation and Parks Association Personal Trainer of the Year in 2005 and selected as a Lululemon ambassador in 2007. She presented at The BCRPA Island Fitness Conference in 2012 and 2013. Melissa has presented at the Victoria Yoga Conference in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

A Wealth of Teaching Experience

Melissa has taught private yoga classes for staff at:
  • University of Victoria
  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
  • Lululemon Althletica
  • The Victoria Cool Aid Society

She is also a highly regarded instructor for yoga teacher training. She has taught through MokSana Yoga teachers training program, Camosun College's Athletics and Recreation program, and Ajna Yoga teachers training program.

Beyond the Studio

She has produced two Yoga4Strength DVDs, the original Yoga4Strength DVD in 2009 (view the trailer here) and the new Yoga4Strength with Weights DVD in 2014 (view the trailer here). Both DVDs DVDs can be purchased individually or you can purchase the Yoga4Strength Double DVD which features both DVDs and includes five full yoga routines.

Melissa had a weekly television segment on CHEK TV’s 'Island 30' show from January 2010 to June 2011. She designed the segment, Serenity and Strength, to give viewers an easy-to-follow exercise they can safely do at home. You can find the videos under the Free Yoga Video tab on this site.

She also regularly contributes to, a yoga site that features free online classes.

Partnership for Pelvic Floor Health

Melissa works extensively with physiotherapist Jodi Ganton, who specializes in helping patients with pelvic floor dysfunction. Melissa and Jodi have created a series of workshops that teach participants healthy bladder habits. They have presented their Stop Your Bladder from Running Your Life workshops to hundreds of people a year in greater Victoria.

Melissa's Philosophy

I encourage my students to listen and respect their bodies during their yoga and fitness practices. I gently remind them to "do what feels right," and that "it’s your practice."

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