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Expect more movement throughout the class. This style can be more challenging than Hatha
Deep Hip Opening Flow 64 min
Flow - Moderate to Vigorous
This class is a strong flow with a focus on opening up the hips. This full length class will start slow and then you'll begin to move more quickly. Expect a focus on your glutes (your backside), hamstrings and IT band. It's intense but worth it for how good you'll feel after!
Go With The Flow 45 min
Flow - Moderate to Vigorous
This is a full spectrum class where you'll start off slow and then begin to build intensity and heat. Expect a strong, steady practice with deep stretches.
Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow 18 min
Flow - Gentle
This short practice is how I like to start my own day. It's a short practice to get you moving, wake you up and set you up for a great day!
Flow Yoga to Energize 48 min
Flow - Gentle to Moderate
This is a gentle full body flow class to get you moving and feeling great!
Sun Salutations 20 min
Flow - Moderate
This is a quick flow practice based on Sun Salutations. It's great if you are short on time and need a quick burst of movement and energy.
Core Strength and Stretch 55 min
Flow - Moderate to Vigorous
Wake up your deep core and get a full body stretch in this fun flow class.
Yoga for Leg Strength 22 min
Flow - Moderate
Strengthen and stretch your lower body in this short flow yoga class.
Yoga for Upper Body Strength 23 min
Flow - Moderate
Strengthen and release your shoulders and upper body in this short flow class.
Expect less movement and longer holds. This style can be a little more gentle than Flow. If you tend to have wrist or shoulder issues this may be a better style for you as there are less planks and downward dogs
Hatha Yoga for Grounding 49 min
Hatha - Gentle to Moderate
This is a very gentle yoga practice to help you unwind and ground. You'll spend the whole time closer to the floor, there aren't any standing poses in this class. This is a calming, cooling class with a lovely ten minute savasana!
Yoga for Inner Strength 43 min
Hatha - Gentle to Moderate
This class helps you understand your pelvic floor - where it is, why it's important and how to engage it in your practice and everyday life. For many women this is the weakest link in our body! If you have ever had a baby, suffer from incontinence (leaking urine) or have had your prostate gland removed this class is for you. This is more of a workshop style class. Expect less time moving and more time learning.
Hatha Yoga for Posture 44 min
Hatha - Gentle
Do you need to improve your posture? This gentle yoga class is great to help you lengthen your spine by opening up the front of the body and by learning to strengthen your back body. You'll feel calmer and taller at the end of this class!
Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep 40 min
Hatha - Gentle
This is a gentle class to help prepare your body and mind for sleep.
Hatha Yoga for Beginners: A Healthy Spine 23 min
Hatha - Gentle to Moderate
Most of us spent too much time in spinal flexion (folding forward and rounding the spine and shoulders) This is a short class to help move your spine by twisting, side stretching and extending or backbending - providing balance from all the flexion and giving your spine a healthy break.
Hatha Yoga for Beginners: Better Balance 34 min
Hatha - Moderate
Learn how to improve your balance with yoga. I offer tips and tricks on how to use your feet, legs, core and gaze point to feel more steady on your feet.
Hatha Yoga for Self Care 50 min
Hatha - Moderate
We all could use a reminder that good self care is not only valuable but necessary. Give yourself permission to relax and let go in this self care focused yoga practice.
Morning Hatha Yoga 38 min
Hatha - Moderate
Wake up with yoga! Enjoy this morning yoga class to get you energized and ready to take on the day!
Bedtime Yoga 37 min
Hatha - Gentle
Prepare your body for sleep with this gentle yoga practice. This hatha class will help you work out the kinks in your body before you settle into slumber.
Twist and Stretch 33 min
Hatha - Moderate
My first video! This hatha class will stretch out your entire body. Enjoy a slower pace with some deep stretches and a challenging balance.
Bend and Stretch 36 min
Hatha - Gentle
Relax with this slow moving hatha class. There's lots of time to chill out and enjoy some stretches for the lower body.
Expect a very slow paced class with few poses and long holds. This is a cool, calming practice
Legs Up The Wall 20 min
Restorative - Gentle
This gentle yoga class only has two poses - legs up the wall and savasana. This is a perfect class to decompress before bed or if you need a little self care break in your day.
Restorative Yoga for Self Care 30 min
Restorative - Gentle
This restorative yoga class only has four poses and that includes shavasana! Enjoy long holds to help you relax and release tension.
Oceanside Restorative Yoga 55 min
Restorative - Gentle
Give your yourself the gift of restorative yoga. This super slow practice will leave you feeling nourished and grounded.