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I first met Melissa many years ago and was fortunate enough to be in her first class! Through the years I have seen Melissa BLOOM! She is very professional, has a sense of humor and is an excellent teacher. I find her classes Yoga4Strength extremely beneficial and feel very secure with her method, they have helped me physically andmentally. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone!

Bev D.
Victoria B.C.
This is the only exercise class I have never been injured in. Melissa encourages you to listen to your body and work within your own limits and needs. She will personalize for you safe alternative exercises if you have to work with unique physical concerns. She monitors the class constantly to make sure that we are practicing the poses in a safe way for our bodies. There is no boot camp pressure in this class, just consistent gentle training. Even at once weekly I can feel myself getting stronger, and I always feel as if I have put every joint in my body through a full range of motion. I look forward to the restful part of the class and do not dread the strength training part because it is self-regulated. Melissa is always supportive and upbeat. Melissa is a jewel in her field of expertise, and we are really lucky to have her in Victoria. It is such a pleasure to be a part of her group classes, I hope she stays around for a long long time!

Victoria, B.C.
Melissa teaches core strength, alignment and yoga for back issues in Ajna's beginner and advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Students consistently comment on how much they love Melissa's teaching style, which combines a knowledge of the body with warmth and humour. We love having Melissa teach for us!

Jules Payne
Director, Ajna Yoga Teacher Training, E-RYT 500
Victoria, B.C.
You're an excellent instructor Melissa. Clear, genuine, positive. :) Keep shining!!

Victoria. B.C.
I was new to your class this week and I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was to be there.
It's been more than 2 years since I was in a yoga class and the yoga community I belonged to, lost it's 'home' so I've been anxiously searching out a new teacher and here you are - I happen to be that age of also needing to strengthen my upper body and the combination you are providing is perfect.
I felt as if I had come 'home' and valued the environment you created, your guidance, knowledge and encouragement and even in such an environment a somehow sacred space.

Victoria, B.C.
I became hooked from the very first class I took with you at Henderson Rec Centre. I can still remember most of the people who were in that class - Mom Jane included - and some of whom have become dedicated followers, like me.
I was looking for a way to combine strength training with stretching or yoga and there you were with well-considered program of weights, balance and yoga. I had some complicated medical issues to contend with, one of which was compressed discs in my lower back. You were so receptive to working with my limitations - and those of my fellow classmates - that I felt safe and secure and confident in proceeding with your program.
You have never let me down! On the contrary, during the past four-plus years, I have seen your program develop and expand and I have cheered you every step of the way. What a super thing to be a part of!
I have gained immense flexibility, balance and strength through your classes. You've been accomodating to the various health challenges I've faced and so, whenever I have been having a flare-up of this or that, I have always felt welcome and encouraged to come to class, where I know you will work with me within those limitations. I can't think of any other instructors I could say that about.

Victoria, B.C.
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