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Yoga4Strength® DVD Testimonials
I love that Yoga4Strength focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor. For a new mom like me, this is an area that needs particular attention, and being able to pop in the DVD anytime makes it possible to squeeze exercise into my busy day. I also enjoy Melissa's easy-to-follow and encouraging instruction.

Colleen Seto age 33. Calgary AB
After buying myself a copy of this DVD I quickly came to love it - so much so I have since purchased a copy for both my mom and sister. Melissa's knowledge of strength training, experience as a yoga instructor and her desire to serve her students in a respectful, safe and relaxing way translates through the DVD to the viewer at home. I especially enjoy the variety available on the DVD that allows me to pick the right routine for how I am feeling. I have recommended the DVD to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so.

S Wood age 34. Victoria, BC
I travel frequently for business, and one thing I always pack is Melissa Krieger’s Yoga4Strength DVD. I like the fact that there are three different workouts to choose from – when I’m on the road, I do the Relaxation Yoga at night, which helps me sleep, and in the morning either the Yoga4Strength or Energizing Yoga, depending on how much time I have. I love being able to take my workout with me, and know that I’ll be able to maintain my exercise program. I’ve used a number of exercise DVD’s over the years, and Melissa’s is one of the best I’ve found!

Cynthia F age 48. Toronto, ON
I purchased the Yoga4Strength DVD for those days that I couldn’t attend a class with Melissa. I had been a student for a couple of years and was a bit concerned that the DVD wouldn’t measure up to the excellent in person experience I was used to. I was so happy the first time I used the DVD, as it was very much like being in a class with Melissa. The work out is paced well and the postures and breathing are well explained without being constant chatter. I also really appreciate having the option of doing a short or longer workout.

What makes this DVD different from other yoga or exercise DVD’s is the combination of the yoga practice with strength exercises? Even from the beginning I was never sore after the workout, due to the stretching including in the yoga before and after the strength portion of the workout. The DVD provides a very thorough workout and you can ramp up the intensity to the level you are comfortable with.

Now that I have re-located and can’t attend classes in person, I find that the full workout three times a week has made a marked difference in my health and wellbeing.

J.S. Crofton BC
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