Bloom Yoga Victoria
Melissa teamed up with the DJ"s at The Zone @ 91.3 in Victoria to create YogaZone! These are fun, short videos to teach the DJ's (and you!) how to do five basic yoga poses.
Yoga Zone with Pol
February 10, 2012
Pol at the Zone @ 91.3 needed to stretch out his hips, and Melissa was surprised at how bendy he was! Follow along and learn a few different versions of pigeon pose.
Yoga Zone with Jon
February 06, 2012
Jon at the Zone @ 91.3 in Victoria, BC needed to detoxify after the holidays so Melissa came in to show him how to twist it out! Watch and learn in this short, silly yoga video. 
Yoga Zone with Jade
January 31, 2012
Jade at The Zone at 91.3 in Victoria, BC needed some help to improve her balance! Melissa shows her the tree pose to help build leg strength AND increase her balance. 
Yoga Zone with the Dylan & Jason
January 19, 2012
Dylan and Jason at the Zone @ 91.3 in Victoria, BC needed to build some upper body strength. Melissa came in to show them the ropes! Learn how to build upper body strength with a side plank in this funny, short video. 
Yoga Zone with the Zoners
January 12, 2012
The DJ's at the Zone @ 91.3 in Victoria, BC were in serious need of some detoxing after the holidays. Melissa was called in to help! Watch this fun video and learn how to, ummm, de-gas yourself!
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