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These segments are part of TELUS TV. If you have TELUS TV at home you can find all these videos by going to Video on Demand, then to My Community, then to Health and Wellness and you'll find these videos under Yoga.
Yoga Tips on Telus TV - Improving Core Strength
February 27, 2012
Learn how to engage your deep core, abdominals and pelvic floor, using your breath. From this deep inner strength we are able to protect our low back as we move through three basic yoga poses, bridge, plank and superman or sunbird.
Yoga Tips on Telus TV - Improving Posture
February 27, 2012
Improve your posture with one simple stretch! Watch and learn!
Yoga Tips on Telus TV - Relieving Neck & Shoulder Tension
February 27, 2012
Neck and shoulder tension can be reduced if you do these simple stretches on a regular basis. Try then right now!
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